Automatic Transfer Switch

ATS automatically transfer the critical load from utility source to emergency source if the utility supply fails or voltage drops below the minimum rating.


  • Rated upto 3200A in accordance to latest IEC standards and local authority regulations.
  • Electrical distribution using ACB/MCCB/Isolator with both electrical 7 Mechanical interlock at incomer.
  • Integral separation into functional units from Form II – IV
  • Degree of Ingress Protection IP 41 -54
  • Protection release with Short Circuit, Over Current, Thermal Rise, Earth Faults & BMS Optional
  • HDHC Tinned Copper Busbar of suitable size for main & neutral bus & 5% for earth bus with supports of high grade polymer
  • Source monitoring relays, interlocks with delay timer settings or logical controllers are conventional for high level prevention of source paralleling & safety.
  • Enclosure are sheet steel powder coated & shall be vermin, corrosion resistant, damp proof.
  • High end Customer satisfaction is assured interms of user safety, protection to point of utilization and dependability in operation maintenance.