Feeder Pillar & Lighting Panel

Feeder Pillar are mainly used to terminate & distribute the electrical control circuits to end stream of Main panel and lighting distribution.


  • Feeder Pillar are designed & manufactured in compliance to latest IEC standards and local authority regulation.
  • FP with incomer as MCCB, NH type vertical switch fuse units upto 2500A and HRC fuse in compliance.
  • Degree of Ingress Protection upto IP65
  • Optional Metering, ON-OFF supply & fused indications & contractor plus photocell circuit for lighting feeder pillar, kWH with viewing window, fall under our scope of supply.
  • Canopy type ceiling, single-double door construction, base pedestal, gasket seal protection and other reliable protections for outdoor applications.
  • Enclosures are galvanized, stainless steel, GRP & sheet metal shall be vermin, corrosive resistant, damp proof
  • High end Customer satisfaction is assured interms of user safety, protection to point of utilization and dependability in operation maintenance