Power Factor Correction Panel ( Capacitor Bank )

Capacitor Banks improve the power factor by adding capacitive reactance in steps as per the power factor requirement. Power factor controller constantly monitors the load (and power factor) of the system on LV Panel and switch on/ off the capacitor steps to maintain the system power factor to the set value. It provides optimum power factor improvement to compensate for lagging Vars in the system, seen as a clean and reliable solution to providing quality power to the distribution network and to economize the electricity charge to customer/consumer.


  • Capacitor Bank are designed & manufactured in accordance to latest IEC Standards;
  • Rated from 5 kVAR – 1400kVAR
  • Incomer as MCCB/Isolator; Outgoing HRC Fuses with Capacitor switching duty contractors combination of 5 -50kVAR
  • Harmonics reactors to filter the reactive power content of the system for energy efficiency.
  • Integral Separation into functional units in Form II construction.
  • Power Factor regulator monitors, diagonise the lag/loss occurring in power system with controlled capacitor stepping.
  • Cooling Fan & louver for sufficient Air ventilation.
  • HDHC Tinned Copper Busbar of suitable size for main & neutral bus & 5% for earth bus with supports of high grade polymer
  • Enclosure are sheet steel powder coated & shall be vermin, corrosion resistant, damp proof.
  • High end Customer satisfaction is assured interms of user safety, protection to point of utilization and dependability in operation maintenance.